San Patricio County TXGenWeb

San Patricio CoWelcome to San Patricio TX!

My name is Jimmy Epperson and I am the CC (County Coordinator) for San Patricio County of the TXGenWeb, a county rich in history, stories, and legends.

The purpose of the TxSanPatricio site is to provide free genealogical reference material over the internet, including simple queries, free lookups, vital records data, biographical sketches, local history, etc., and hopefully organize the material in such a way as to facilitate you finding the information you need.

San Patricio CountyOn most every page, you can use the navigation menu to the left to help you to be able to find what you are looking for by category. Or you can use the search link! The site is spidered on the 1st and 15th each month, so be sure to check What's New for the most recent additions.

For this project to succeed, we need volunteers who can help acquire and submit information to be put on this site. As much as I would love to be able to, I cannot do much research in the county, but I can get it on the internet if you can send it to me. For more information, check out our Volunteer Information.

Please consider joining the mailing list. Not only can you post queries, but you can share your thoughts with others interested in San Patricio County Genealogy too.

If you need to do research outside of the county, I suggest you start with the TXGenWeb Home Page. Just click on any of the icons in this site, or use the menu to the left. They have a good link called "Texas Research Help" that takes you to a page filled with many other genealogy links that really covers a lot of ground.

So pull up a chair and visit a while... and happy hunting!

Please be aware I am not in San Patricio County. Everything I have regarding San Pat is located on this website.