Emilia Sullivan Wood

WOOD -- In Beevllle, Tex., Wednesday, Jan. 28, 1891 at 6:20 a.m., Emelia S., wife of J. C. Wood, in her 37th year.

Death has claimed another loved one and clasped to his breast a precious wife and mother, leaving behind him, in his ruthless path, only a sad, sweet memory of a gentle, graceful woman, whose short beautiful life was spent in doing deeds of love and kindness to all around her.

Mrs. Wood was born in San Patricio, Tex., Aug. 25, 1854, and was the youngest daughter of the late Mrs. Eliza Sullivan.

She was married to J. C. Wood, then of St. Marys. Where she resided until Mr. Wood removed to Beeville, two years ago. Her illness was only of six days duration, but her frail constitution was unable to stand the dreaded attack of pneumonia made upon it. When told of her rapidly approaching end she called her family to her and with a “good-bye, my darlings, mamma must to and leave you all,” she sank into the unconsciousness of death.

Besides her husband, brothers and sisters, she leaves four small children—one son and three daughters, all young indeed, to begin life’s stormy voyage without that guiding star—a mother.

Her remains were brought to San Patricio at her request, and with the rites of the Catholic church, were laid to rest in the family burial ground, where dear ones have been sleeping these many years, but We should not grieve, who understand That all can illegible There loved ones in a better land At Christ’s dear feet.

The Old Cemetery on the Hill is the resting place for four of Emilia’s children. The infant, Richard, who was born during her final illness died the day after his mother succumbed. He was born Jan. 24, 1891 and died Jan. 29, 1891. The two other infants are: Robert Sullivan Wood born December 10, 1889 died Jan. 14, 1890; Catherine born Oct. 22, 1886 died Nov. 1, 1886. The fourth child is Ida Wood who died Jun 21, 1906 at the age of 23.

Corpus Christi Caller
Feb. 13, 1891
p. 10 col. 3

Research: Msgr. Michael A. Howell