John Webb Sullivan

Death of J. W. Sullivan
News was received in this city Friday night of the death of John Webb Sullivan, at the home of his sister Mrs. Rachel Dougherty, at Round Lake. Funeral services were held at St. Patrick‚s church, Rev. M. Puig of officiating and interment made I the family burying ground in the old cemetery at San Patricio.

Mr. Sullivan was born in San Patricio, Sept 1856, two years after his parents, John and Eliza Sullivan came to Texas. He was their youngest child. Much of his youth was spent in Corpus Christi, where he attended school at Hidalgo Seminary. By many of the old students he is illegible kindly remembered.

He chose stock raising for his business and handled vast numbers, as was the custom of the day. He went over the trail to Kansas in 1882, then an everyday affair, but nevertheless a perilous undertaking requiring a illegible

Later he moved toward the Rio Grande and owned ranch properties in Encinal and Webb counties. Discouraging and disastrous droughts caused his return in 1893 and since he has lived wit his sister, Mrs. Dougherty.

He is survived by his sisters, Mrs. Dougherty, Mrs. M. H. Borden, and Miss Josephine Sullivan and numerous nephews and nieces, many of whom attended the funeral yesterday.

Weekly Corpus Christi Caller
April 14, 1911
Page 5 col. 4

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John Webb Sullivan Born: Sep 1, 1856 San Patrico
Died: Dougherty Home, Round Lake, San Patricio, TX