Chrysostum J. Sullivan

Letter From a Friend

A friend, writing to his mourning family, says: “He had been sent by Maj. Boon, commanding the scout, to the right and impelled by his noble nature and daring spirit had gone further than his comrades. After firing some ten shots, he was called back, and on his return he was shot in the side. He lived but one hour and a quarter after being wounded, when his daring spirit departed form us.”

“When he fell his comrades rushed to his assistance, and everything was done to sooth and alleviate his pains.” “Those who knew him loved him as a brother. He was the favorite of his company and battalion, and they feelingly participated in the affliction of his mother, brothers and sisters.”

The affliction of his family would, indeed be redoubled, were it not that he died at the post of honor and duty. He was an affectionate son; his last tying words were: “Oh my mother, my mother, I am dying, I want to see my mother.”

He was a loving and loved brother; being the eldest, he, since his father’s death, has presided over the family with the care and solicitude of his deceased parent. That he was a brave and faithful soldier, his humble tombstone, in Centreville, La., will attest through time.

W. C. C.
May 7, 1863
Page 2 col. 3