Philip Henry McGloin

Death of Philip McGloin
Regular Correspondence of the Caller
San Patricio, Tex., April 12—

The entire community has been plunged in gloom by the terrible accident Sunday evening, which wrested from us the well beloved Philip McGloin.

At about six o’clock after a short absence he returned to the house and told his mother that the dogs were barking at illegible in a tree near by. His mother suggested that he go back and kill it. He hurriedly got the gun passed through the house towards the back yard. In a moment a shot rang out and the mother, father and sister, Amble, rushing to the spot beheld the son and brother illegible lying illegible short distance from the steps. Frantic suddenness brought illegible mortally wounded and his life fast fleeting away, the contents of the gun having entered his head. Upon examination of the situation it became evident the he was unconsciously carrying a loaded gun which accidentally discharged, add another affliction to the long heart illegible of deadly the arms has made.

We had held his tiny form when the waters of regeneration fell upon his infant brow as we hurriedly recited the De Profundis for his fast departing soul, it seemed indeed but a step from the cradle to the grave.

Philip Henry McGloin was born April 16, 1883, the seventh son of Mr. and Mrs. P. G. McGloin, and grandnephew of the Empressario James McGloin. Along with illegible character that made the man of sterling worth, and commands the respect of his fellow man, he possessed the gentle, kindly nature that endears. His artistic talents were of such high order that developed would have made his name renowned. To draw, to mould, to carve for him, was as easy as to breathe. Little children were his delight, to amuse them, his pleasure with the manifold resources he had at his command, and full well did they return his love. His filial affection, his brotherly love, loyalty to friends, kindness to the hireling and steadfast devotion to duty, will keep his memory cherished till all who knew him have passed to the Great Beyond.

Farewell, Philip, for you the battle of life was ended early. You, that loved nature, are now with natures God, you that had the sensitive soul of the artist, are now the pupil of the Great Master, you that loved the little child, have now for your Father the lover of little ones. Fondly in his embrace may he keep you, tell we gather there.

The funeral cortege was large composed of friends of the family. Services were held by Rev. M. Puig at the Catholic Church Monday evening and in the old graveyard he was laid to rest close to those who had gone before.

Corpus Christi Weekly Caller
April 13, 1906
P 1 col. 3-4

Special Telephone to Caller San Patricio, Texas, April 9—A sad accident occurred at this place Sunday evening at 6:30 o’clock, which resulted in the death of one of San Patricio’s most popular young men, Philip McGloin, Aged 25 years, and son of Mr. and Mrs. Pat McGloin.

The young man had seen a wildcat near his home and went inside to get his Winchester shotgun, which he supposed, was unloaded at the time. He came from the house and was ascending the steps when they gave way, throwing him to the ground. The gun was discharge when he fell, the contents entering his head and causing instant death.

Corpus Christi Weekly Caller
April 13, 1906
p. 3 col. 5

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Mar. 9, 2004