Mrs. John U. Bluntzer


Sudden and Unexpected Demise of Mrs. John U. Bluntzer

A gloom was cast over our little city last Tuesday evening in the unexpected death of the wife of J. U. Bluntzer, Mrs. Annette M. Bluntzer, who died suddenly about 8 p.m., May 22 1900 of congestion.

Mrs. Bluntzer had been in poor health for some time, but no one had any idea of anything serious. She had intended to go to San Patricio the next day to visit her mother and was packing up at 2 p.m. when she was taken sick. She telephoned to her husband at once from the family residence about a mile from town and he immediately went home. Finding his wife in a dangerous condition, he phoned for a doctor, also Mrs. Jessie Clark, a close friend, to come out at once. They came and did everything possible for her relief; alas! It proved all in vain.

Deceased was born in December 23, 1875, in San Patricio, where her parent's Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Sullivan, still reside. On June 2, 1899, she married Mr. John U. Bluntzer, moving to Corpus Christi with her husband in September last. She was an estimable lady and a most devoted wife.

Her remains were taken to Sinton Wednesday morning on the train, thence across the country by private conveyance to San Patricio, where the funeral took place at 5 p.m., the funeral being one of the largest ever seen in that section. The remains were accompanied from the city by the bereaved husband, Miss Josephine Sullivan, Miss Woods, Mrs. Jessie Clark, Miss Ludlum, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bluntzer, Miss Justina Bluntzer, Randolph Robertson and H. F. Stevenson, also Father Puig, who held services in the Catholic Church here and also at the grave.

The bereaved husband and sorrow-stricken relatives have the sympathies of hosts of friends in Nueces and adjoining counties over their sad and irreparable loss.

Corpus Christ Caller 5/25/1900 Page 5 col. 3

Research: Msgr. Michael A. Howell