Chrysostum J. Sullivan

Final Pay Records

Final Pay Records for Sgt. C. J. Sullivan, C. S. A. Given in duplicate to his mother after his death. The pay record indicates the use of a “private horse”. This referred to Chrys’ favorite horse, “Snorter”, said to have been a tall, black gelding. After his death, one of Chrys Sullivan’s fellow soldiers in Waller’s Battalion, a Seligson of San Antonio, led Snorter back home, a trip of over 500 hundred miles, so that he would receive the care his fallen comrade in arms would have wished his favorite mount to have. Seligson led the horse saddled, attached to it was the gray jacket Chrys had worn, bearing a tell tale bullet hole. Snorter, though never ridden again, was well cared for the rest of his life. Seligson's kindness in making this mournful trip to return these items to the bereaved family was not forgotten. His name has passed down through the family for generations.

This is to certify that Sergt. C. J. Sullivan of Company E Wallers Battalion Texas Vol Cavalry was born in Hunterdon County New Jersey on the 10th day of August 1841. He was enlisted at Goliad, Texas By Capt. D. S. Woodward on the 14th day of May 1862 was aged 21 years, 5 feet 10 inches high dark complexion brown eyes and black hair and occupation when enlisted a stock raiser and enlisted for three years or during the war. He was killed in a skirmish with the enemy on Bayou Teche while gallantly fighting two hundred yards in front of his comrades on 27th March 1863. The said Sergt. Sullivan was last paid by Lieut. –S. Hirshfield A. A. Q. M. Wallers Battalion to include the 31st day of December 1862 and has pay due him from that date to the time of his death to wit

For cavalry pay from January 1st 1863 to March 6th 1863 as private being 2 months and 5 days at $12.00 for month twenty six dollars.

For Sergt. pay from 6th March 1863 to 27th March 1863 being 21 days at $17 for months. Fourteen dollars & ninety cents for pay for the use of private horse from January 1st 1863 to 27th March 1863 being eighty-six days at forty cents a day, thirty-four dollars and forty cents

For pay for the use of private arms from 14th May 1862 to 27th March 1863 being ten months and thirteen days at one dollar per month being ten dollars and forty two cents for pay due him for clothing not drawn thirty two dollars and eight five cents.


Total amount due him
One hundred and eighteen dollars and fifty seven cents $118.57

Given in duplicate this 22nd August 1863 C. C. Cox Lt Comdg Co. E. Wallers Battalion