First United Methodist Church of Sinton

Serving the community of Sinton since the early 20th century, the roots of the First United Methodist Church date back to earlier interdenominational services. Between 1894, when the charter for Sinton Town Company was granted, and 1908, there was no organized Protestant church in the town. However, Christians met regularly for worship and were ministered to by visiting pastors of different denominations. The local Methodist lay leader, W.T. Barnhouse, served when no ordained Methodist minister was available. In 1907, the Sinton Town Company passed a resolution donating one lot to any group wishing to erect a church building. Members of the Church of Christ accepted the offer and built the first Protestant chuch building in Sinton. There, the practice of alternating preachers and denominational services continued. In 1908, Sinton Methodists organized, erecting their first church building that year. First United Methodist Church of Sinton has a long history of community service. As a driving force within the church, the women held events to raise donations and funds. A former victim of flood damage itself, the church has also donated to others who have suffered from floods. Additionally, members have helped Sinton residents through community health, food ministry and child education programs. Through the years, notable pastors, such as the Rev. J.J. Mason, led the church as it grew. Members have also entered fulltime ministry and have supported overseas missionaries. Today, First United Methodist Church continues to provide for the spiritual, physical and educational needs of the community of Sinton. (2007)

Historical Marker Location: 405 W Sinton, Sinton

Source: Texas Historical Commission