Heaven's Acre Cemetery

This is a black cemetery located inside Eternal Rest Cemetery, at the far Southeast (left) corner. It was originally started at the far Northeast (right) corner of the cemetery, but when State Hwy 77 was built, the graves were relocated. There are still some markers at the NE corner, and these few are noted as being near the cemetery entrance, meaning the entrance to Eternal Rest Cemetery. This transcription was done February 14, 2007. Special thanks to Mr. James Curtis, retired U.S. Army, World War II, who was visiting his wife's grave, and decided to help me by removing dried mud away from many of the headstones. We braved the fire ants together, and his company was most enjoyable.

My transcription with photos of headstones can be found at Find A Grave

Plans are to meet with the cemetery's chairman of the board to determine who is buried in the locations with marked graves but no names, and to further assure that any other military personnel resting here receive their proper headstones. When more data is collected, this will be updated. Of the 120 photographed graves, 21 are occupied by veterans of World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

Transcription in text format.

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Name Birth Death Comments
ADAMS, Charles Emit 11/01/1946 05/08/1971 Texas SP4 US Army, Vietnam
BINGHAM, Charlie 03/21/1905 05/24/1905 The Lord is my shepherd
BINGHAM, Minnie None 04/09/1966 Age 82
BINGHAM, Sametta 03/27/1905 06/16/1905 The Lord is my shepherd
BROWN, Christina 12/08/1932 08/17/1991 Mother, in God's care
BROWN, Ed, Jr. 02/10/1925 08/07/1977 S1 US Navy, World War II
BROWN, Kaylin Jordan 06/12/1905 06/12/1905  
BROWN, Pete, Jr. 03/11/1905 05/18/1905  
BUSBY, Wanda Faye 04/19/1905 06/19/1905  
CAMPBELL, Emma M. 03/18/1905 05/29/1905 Our beloved sister
CLIPPS, Ida Mae 12/04/1918 11/18/1978  
CURTIS, Ida Mae 08/07/1925 02/25/2005 Wife of James Curtis
DAVIS, Clara B. 03/09/1897 11/18/1988 S/S Ed E. Davis
DAVIS, Ed E. 11/25/1899 03/13/1981 S/S Clara B. Davis
DAVIS, Faith C. "Faye" 08/04/1922 None S/S Willie Roy "Sunny" Davis;
Love never dies
DAVIS, John 04/15/1926 03/22/1986 STM3 US Navy, World War II
DAVIS, Lillian 05/13/1923 12/11/1999  
DAVIS, Willie Roy "Sunny" 08/27/1923 12/24/1998 S/S Faith C. "Faye" Davis;
Love never dies
DICKEY, Lula None 11/04/1937 They who knew her best will bless her name. Near cemetery entrance
DILLON, James 10/15/1878 05/27/1925 In memory of our dear father. Near cemetery entrance
DUHART, Dennis, Sr. 07/22/1924 11/05/1989 PVT US Army, World War II
DUHART, John W. 05/12/1905 06/24/1905  
DUHART, Unknown Unknown 06/06/1905 Funeral home marker next to Dennis Duhart, Sr.
FOSTER, Edward 04/05/1905 06/13/1905 Funeral home marker
FOSTER, Margaret L. 06/22/1925 04/12/1996 Life is not forever, love is
FRAZIER, Cora 02/12/1907 11/04/1995 Blessed are those that mourn,
for they shall be comforted.
Matt 5:4
GRAY, Robert C., Sr. 04/14/1892 02/17/1952  
GREENWOOD, Dan L., Jr. 10/13/1918 08/19/1983 CPL US Army, World War II
GREENWOOD, Harold 03/08/1921 07/21/1989 PFC US Army, World War II
GRIFFIN, Dewey 03/17/1900 12/20/1976  
GRIFFIN, Jim 03/08/1895 12/12/1985 PVT US Army, World War I
GRIFFIN, Viola 04/08/1889 08/10/1942 Gone but not forgotten.
Near cemetery entrance
HANEY, Wesley Ernest 02/22/1905 05/02/1905 Gone but not forgotten
HARRIS, Selena 06/28/1901 01/16/1985  
HICKEY, Ella B. 03/04/1905 06/06/1905  
HUFF, Melinda 09/22/1937 None S/S Phillip Huff
HUFF, Phillip 08/13/1932 01/01/1997 S/S Melinda Huff; Military stone
SSG US Army, Vietnam
HUFF, William Howard "Willie" 06/25/1960 12/12/1999 Beloved son
HUNT, Leslie Ray 09/25/1939 08/16/1983  
HUNTER, Helen G. 06/04/1917 10/26/1981 Mother, In God's care
JOHNSON, Alfred 07/27/1922 06/12/1976 PFC US Army, World War II
JOHNSON, Angie Lee 04/30/1905 06/05/1905 Funeral home marker at Rosa Mae Jones' headstone
JOHNSON, Josephine 03/04/1905 05/09/1905  
JOHNSON, Shirley Ann 04/20/1905 05/30/1905 In loving memory, Missionary
JOHNSON, William 07/21/1896 07/21/1967  
JOHNSON, Willie 12/31/1920 07/18/1985  
JONES, Rosa Mae 06/01/1916 05/27/1967  
JONES, Willie Lee, Jr. 05/06/1905 06/21/1905  
KING, Georgia 08/22/1905 01/13/1970  
KING, Marguerite 03/23/1905 06/24/1905  
MARKED GRAVE     Near cemetery entrance
MARKED GRAVE     Between Charles Emit Adams & Luther Wright, Sr
MARKED GRAVE     Between Ed Brown, Jr. & Billy Joe Porter
MARKED GRAVE     Illegible funeral home marker;
between Jim Griffin & Marvin Lewis Pleasant
MARKED GRAVE     Located between Joseph F. Williams & A.B. Williams, Sr
MARKED GRAVE     One of 2 markers between Joshua Salone & Charles Emit Adams
MARKED GRAVE     One of 2 markers between Joshua Salone & Charles Emit Adams
MARKED GRAVE     One of 4 markers between Ella B. Hickey & Cora Porter
MARKED GRAVE     One of 4 markers between Ella B. Hickey & Cora Porter
MARKED GRAVE     One of 4 markers between Ella B. Hickey & Cora Porter
MARKED GRAVE     One of 4 markers between Ella B. Hickey & Cora Porter
MARKED GRAVE     Broken funeral home marker; between John Davis & Monroe Nichols
MARKED GRAVE     Broken funeral home marker; between Monroe Nichols & Cora Frazier
MARKED GRAVE     Illegible funeral home marker, possibly SALONE; between J.C. Salone & Ida Mae Clipps
MARKED GRAVE     Illegible funeral home marker;
located between Willie Mae Trigg & Margaret L. Foster
MAYS, Ernest Earl 07/29/1908 06/01/1997 A loving husband
MAYS, Louise Ray 06/27/1919 02/11/2004 A loving wife
MAZE, Gladys E. 04/01/1905 05/15/1905  
MAZE, William 03/28/1905 06/03/1905  
MOSLEY, Mary 12/02/1910 10/30/1983 In loving memory
MOSLEY, Ralph 07/23/1909 05/02/1978 In loving memory
MURPHY, Primus, Sr. 04/10/1905 06/22/1905  
McKINNEY, Rosie L. 02/15/1909 05/19/1986  
NICHOLS, Monroe 03/28/1905 06/10/1905  
PLEASANT, Henrietta 10/22/1887 01/20/1945 Near cemetery entrance
PLEASANT, Marvin Lewis 05/07/1968 10/08/1998 SPC US Army
POLLARD, Jim 09/14/1902 01/13/1985 PVT US Army, World War II
PORTER, Billy Joe 02/05/1934 07/16/1978 PVT US Marine Corps, Korea
PORTER, Cora 12/11/1887 07/19/1962 In loving memory
PORTER, Pecolia "Beadie" 05/03/1936 05/05/2003 Devoted mother, sister & aunt
PORTER, Woody E. 11/16/1930 11/08/1990 S SGT US Army, Vietnam
RIN, Edward None 11/16/1938 Texas PVT 20 ENGRS.
Near cemetery entrance.
SALONE, J.C. 05/09/1905 06/24/1905  
SALONE, Joshua 06/04/1905 06/04/1905  
SALONE, Mary Lee 04/15/1905 06/22/1905  
SALONE, Velma Lee 05/11/1905 06/16/1905  
SALONE, Wilford Lee, Jr. "Blue" 10/31/1957 05/06/1996 In loving memory of husband and father, until we meet again.
The name "Shawn" is on the upper right side of headstone
SMITH, James 07/06/1909 02/27/1971 Texas PVT US Army, World War II
STEWART, Marjory B. 11/20/1926 02/21/1991 Mother, forever in our hearts
STEWART, Milton Lee, III 09/07/1969 06/06/1990 PFC US Army
STEWART, Milton Lee, Sr. 12/12/1924 12/03/1987 PVT US Army, World War II
TAYLOR, Alveria 10/01/1915 02/01/1991 S/S Verna Mae Taylor; In loving memory
TAYLOR, Verna Mae 09/16/1944 02/02/1991 S/S Alveria Taylor; In loving memory
THORNTON, Ethel Elizabeth 01/14/1921 05/16/1970  
TONES, A.C. 06/05/1938 None S/S Henry Mae Tones
TONES, Henry Mae 04/26/1925 08/17/2004 S/S A.C. Tones
TRIGGS, Willie Mae 06/09/1902 03/15/1974  
UNKNOWN, Michael 05/18/1905 Unknown Broken funeral home marker; between Willie Johnson & Wanda Faye Busby
WELLS, Georgia Ann 03/10/1905 05/19/1905 The Lord is my shepherd
WHITE, Alma Tennessee 08/02/1927 02/07/1997 The Lord is my shepherd
WHITE, Bennie, Jr. 06/19/1954 09/06/1980  
WHITE, Bennie, Sr. 10/17/1935 10/10/1979  
WHITE, Clemon 06/28/1913 05/08/1992 The Lord is my shepherd
WHITE, Lewis Lee 02/21/1897 12/19/1974 PVT US Army, World War I
WHITE, Lewis, Jr. 05/05/1929 02/08/1985 CPL US Army, Korea
WILLIAMS, A.B., Sr. 06/18/1908 09/26/1982 PFC US Army, World War II
WILLIAMS, Charles 05/18/1905 06/24/1905  
WILLIAMS, Dorothy 04/12/1905 06/26/1905  
WILLIAMS, Helen 06/26/1908 10/25/1978  
WILLIAMS, Irene B. 06/05/1922 05/30/1980 In loving memory
WILLIAMS, Joseph F. 03/13/1934 06/26/1995 A3C US Air Force, Korea
WILLIAMS, Robert 08/29/1936 02/12/1970 Texas PFC US Army
WILLIAMS, Robert, Jr. 05/02/1905 06/06/1905 Son
WILSON, De Fate 07/27/1931 08/20/1976  
WRIGHT, Laura 03/14/1905 05/17/1905 Beloved mother, in God's care
(2 headstones)
WRIGHT, Luther, Sr. 02/09/1894 01/10/1978 Beloved father, in God's care
YOAKUM, Bessie A. 09/25/1898 02/04/1997 S/S Houston B. Yoakum, Sr
YOAKUM, Clifton R. 06/03/1927 02/24/1999 The Lord is my shepherd
YOAKUM, Gloria C. 09/20/1928 None The Lord is my shepherd
YOAKUM, Houston B., Sr. 03/13/1893 12/21/1983 S/S Bessie A. Yoakum