Cenizo Hill Cemetery

Mathis, TX

Located on the north side of County RD 15. The perpetual care cemetery was established in 1934 under the supervision of the Board of Trustees of the Cenizo Hill Cemetery Association.

The main entrance into the memorial park is a single drive off to the North with a semicircle of access roads skirting the perimeter.

The park is divided into sections by sidewalks, and the blocks are mostly separated with curbing. Section A-1, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and G ANNEX are on the EAST side of the main drive. Section S, R, Q, P, O, N, M are on the WEST side of the drive going in a northerly direction. Each block represents 8 grave sites. Please see the schematic in worksheet for block numbers.

Although gravesites are now available for all, the Mathis Black Community had previously purchased an acre for their use. Since the area is not developed in blocks or curbed, the existing gravesites have been numbered sequentially.

There may be errors in this survey either due to transcription or the fact that markers are unreadable. As with all genealogical research, it is recommended to visit the site to validate information.

This survey was completed August 30, 2004 by Marvin and Ann Groom Lenz, former residents of Mathis Texas. The listing represents all marked graves within each block as of this date. It is with honor and respect for all our loved ones that we present this data for your family research.

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